A day without Google

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It is impossible says many, like the sudden disappearance of air. But make sure that your work is not disrupted by the over dependence on a single service provider. Because the recent downtime has badly affected Google, creating a lot of problems to the core services including GMail, YouTube and Analytics. The fault that lasted for about one hour disrupted the works of almost 14% of the users, due to slow or interrupted access.

Google’s services promise 99.9% of excellence and warn about 525 minutes of failure, every year. But Google has experienced only a very few cases of downturn in a decade plus of its excellent services.

The most unfortunate part of the downturn drama is that, Google takes the other associated systems with it, once it goes down; resulting in serious problems with services like Google Analytics.

Google has stated that people can change to competing systems like Yahoo, Live.com, Ask, during downturn. But this option is unworkable for a Gmail user. The same difficulty occurs in an online shop that uses Google Checkout.

Even though the other search engines are just a click away, most of the people still live with Google and its products.

We can give you 10 wonderful search engines similar to Google. Just try it for a day and see the difference.
A.    Kosmix
B.    Download Any Stuff
C.    Video Surf
D.    Docjax
E.    Yahoo Glue
F.    Pipl
G.    Freshbargains
H.    Dooblet
I.    Tagoo

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