April 2009

GV Mobile

April 09th, 2009

The upcoming iPhone and iPod touch application, called GV mobile promises the remarkable functionality of Google Voice, directly in to your iPhone. It’s an perfect application that includes all the functionalities that you didn’t get from the default...

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31 tips for successful outsourcing

April 09th, 2009

Here are 31 tips for a smoother outsourcing experience.Make a proper AgreementKeeping these things on your list will facilitate a smooth working relationship:a. Use a right contractb. Make sure that the payment terms have been properly fixedc. Never ...

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'Liveslices’ customizes IE8’s ‘Webslices’ for G-mail and similar sites

April 08th, 2009

Are you a regular IE user? If you haven’t started the auto-updation of ‘Web Slices’, ‘LiveSlices’ site can help you in tracking Gmail, RSS, Twitter and other feeds. ‘LiveSlices’ is useful platform that caters a new way of content delivery, right to y...

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Go blogging…

April 04th, 2009

Blogs have become an unavoidable part of online business, as they are one of the best and affordable marketing tools that can help to make your business successful. Apart from monetizing the blog with advertisements, blogs can help in increasing inco...

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‘Alkaline’ by ‘Litmus’ - Windows Browser Testing For Mac Users

April 03th, 2009

‘Alkaline’ is a new product released by ‘Litmus’(, one of the major web professionals in the world, focusing on developing user-friendly applications for browsers and e-mail news letter testing. Created by Shiny Development, for...

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