August 2009

Lowering Your Rates May Hurt Your Business

August 17th, 2009

Yes, most of the experts are staunchly against the trend of lowering the existing rates to get a work from the client easily. The practice of flexibility in rates may actually create a lot of damage to your business. Do you know how? Please read on.....

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Certain Useful Ad Server Solutions

August 11th, 2009

An ad server is a web server that helps in the storage and proper delivery of online advertisements to the website visitors. Using an ad sever its easy to ‘swap out’ ads, as you need to put only the HTML or JavaScript tags in the site only once. On...

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About CakePHP

August 05th, 2009

CakePHP is the most rapidly developing ‘free, open-source, rapid development framework’ for creating web applications in PHP. CakePHP forms the base structural framework to build, maintain and deploy robust Web 2.0 applications. The main aim of Cake...

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Minimalist Web Designs

August 04th, 2009

This web design style focuses more on the simplicity of the design. It also avoids the superfluous elements in web designing, making it pleasing to the eye, as well as easy to use. This style is mostly used in web design these days.Minimalist art mo...

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Google Adds More Options To Image Search

August 01th, 2009

The competition between search engines has taken a new turn with the introduction of a set of new search options to Google Image search. The new options make image search easier, as it helps to sort the search using colour, type, i.e. face, photo, cl...

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