March 2009

Certain project management tools to make juggling effortless

March 28th, 2009

Managing multiple projects is cumbersome and messy if you don’t have a proper system to keep track of the on-going processes. The challenge gets compounded when multiple services, sub contractors or employees, various team members etc… are added on t...

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10 Web Analytics Tools to Track Visitors

March 27th, 2009

Knowing how much your site performs is extremely essential for a blogger or a sight owner, as it helps to understand its working and the trends to make it better. The only way to do this effectively is to add a standard statistics package to the back...

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Certain useful tips for website usability testing

March 23th, 2009

One of the most important parts of launching a website is its testing. It is in fact very difficult to launch a broken website that drives away the user and hurts the reputation of the makers of the site. It creates more work, more headaches and los...

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Tips to manage communication overload

March 21th, 2009

A proper communication is one of the most important parts of a good client relationship. Make a meticulous arrangement of e-mails, phone calls and meeting activities to avoid a daily barrage, as it can slay your productivity and chip away your sanit...

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To copyright a website means…

March 12th, 2009

A vast majority of the websites, launched these days, contain copyright notice at the footer. This is usually done as a part of the routine. What does it mean by copyright and what security does it provide to the site? Web professionals should have ...

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Tips to write a winning web design proposal

March 10th, 2009

Are you in a web developer? Do you really take your web design proposals seriously? A major step in winning good projects is the proposal phase. Certain points have to be noted while writing a good web design proposal so that put yourself and your...

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The path towards a better customer service

March 09th, 2009

Customer is always the king and hence a good customer service is the most prominent factor in business. People are always keen to finding out ideas that help them to keep the clients around for a while. Here are five tips that can keep up the good ...

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XP Secrets Uncovered!

March 03th, 2009

Following are 10 little known XP facts. Read on and find out, how you can make most out of your XP. 1 User can rename loads of files at once in Windows Explorer. He can Highlight a set of files in a window, then right click on one and rename it. All ...

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Logo designing tips from David Airey

March 02th, 2009

“A logo should look just as good in 15-foot letters on top of company headquarters as it does one sixteenth of an inch tall on company stationery.” As a visual heart of a brand, a logo becomes the foremost part of marketing, with the aid of all the m...

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5 Security Threats For 2009

March 02th, 2009

Websense, a reputed Internet Access Management System, has recently brought out a detailed report on major security concerns for 2009. Following are the 5 threat predictions of Websense for 2009The "Cloud" will be increasingly used for harmful purpos...

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It’s a ‘ride’ towards innovation

March 02th, 2009

This is FileRide, a start up social networking platform that runs on the desktop of the user. FileRide is a Stockholm based development which does social network around the files that are already there on your computer, and with items that you save f...

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