November 2010

Some Fonts that stood the test of time

November 30th, 2010

Old is always gold. No, I am not planning to talk about proverbs here. But the proverb is very true in case of Slab Serif Fonts. Slab fonts, once obsolete, has come back with their real oomph factor, to make headings of your website designs stand ou...

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Start tracking your Promotional Campaigns using Google Analytics

November 25th, 2010

Looking in to standard Google Analytics Report, you can get a lot of valid and clear-cut information about the in-depth statistical details related to a website. You can track information about:• Direct visitors• Referring websites• Visitors...

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Google URL Shortener

November 25th, 2010

An important announcement was made by Google last week, where they unveiled a URL shortening tool, open for everyone. According to Google, this is one of the fastest URL shortener discovered so far. Earlier, this URL shortener was an internal tool, a...

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Google releases new website optimization tool

November 09th, 2010

Does that title look a little vague? Well, making it clear; Google has made a really big and rather very important announcement last week. It is about the release of a new and easy to use module for the Apache web servers. It is called mod_pagespeed...

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Threats from Windows Phone 7 - Too early for a judgment

November 08th, 2010

Many people have started seeing the announcement and rise of smartphones based on the latest Windows Phone 7 OS as a grave threat to iPhones. Can they really become a real danger? Let’s go through the major features and see whether it can pose any th...

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Use your client feedback sensibly

November 06th, 2010

Again the same topic! I know very well that this will be your reaction after seeing the title of this blog. Yes, most of us know the importance of getting good feedback from the client, and try to get it whenever possible. But are we using them in th...

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Easy methods to load non-blocking JavaScript

November 05th, 2010

The concept of blocking and non-blocking scripts tags was first introduced by Steve Souders, a few years back. He wanted to show how script tag delays the downloading of websites and other resources. This flaw in script tags will do a lot of harm f...

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Tips to protect your Wordpress installations

November 03th, 2010

Do you think WordPress is vulnerable to hacking? Well, many developers think so. They feel that hackers can very easily access a WordPress administrator account. But believe me, if you start worrying about hacking you will have to worry about every...

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Easy to use substitutes for phpMyAdmin

November 02th, 2010

Those who are involved in the management of MySQL administration tasks often rely on phpMyAdmin, an open source tool written in PHP. This tool will carry out a lot of tasks including creation, modification and deletion of databases, tables, fields an...

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Resurgence of Pixel Art

November 01th, 2010

Pixel art is a digital art created using graphics tools, to edit images on the pixel level. This digital graphics is used in computers, video and mobile phone games. Pixel art is also used to design art posters, magazine covers and pixelated tattoos...

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