5 Security Threats For 2009

March 02th, 2009

Websense, a reputed Internet Access Management System, has recently brought out a detailed report on major security concerns for 2009. Following are the 5 threat predictions of Websense for 2009The "Cloud" will be increasingly used for harmful purpos...

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Cyber Security Threats On Rise!

February 24th, 2009

A recently released Cisco report on cyber security threats disclosed some startling revelations. It was proven beyond doubt that cyber criminals are becoming more and more web savvy & professional in stealing data from business, employees and con...

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Opera Mini Just Got Safer!

February 23th, 2009

Opera mini is the most downloaded mobile browser in the world with a little over than 20 million active users. It includes popular features such as Speed Dial, Opera Link, and the ability to save pages, notes, and bookmarks. In December 2008, Opera M...

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Spammers put to shame!

February 10th, 2009

Spamming has reached new heights! Today spamming is not limited to just email spam; there exists instant messaging spam, web search spam, wiki spam, spam in blogs & more.Though spamming is not considered as a real cyber attack, spammers will slow...

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