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Free Services How to keep your site updated - You can update your own website easily!

You might have come across a lot of website maintenance & updating plans. This article is about how to keep your website updated without spending a penny. This will helps you to understand the various aspects of website updating.

1. Update About Us Page:

If your website has an About Us page or something similar that tells about the company, its vision & mission, history, credentials and references, then make sure that it is updated as per your current st

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Ten Essential steps for selecting a commercial web hosting service

1.    Check the Speed & Reliability

Web hosting services should be reliable. Hence make sure that the hosting service provider that you choose is offering you 99% uptime. Most of the service providers promise about 99% but you have to check thoroughly before accepting their services.

2.    Check actual Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

Data transfer is amount of data transferred from your site to the visitor’s mach

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Importance of Custom web designs while designing business websites

The main objective behind any website for business, whether small or large, is to attract the maximum number of viewers. Being unique is the best way to get noticed. It will help in attracting the attention of potential customers.

The competition in global market has become so stiff that most of the business establishments have launched their own websites and have started selling their products and services online.  This will help them to attract customers from all over

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11 Essential Points To Be Noted While Designing A Website

Here are 11 essential points which are to be noted while designing a website. You can use these steps in any order, depending on your requirement(s). Some of the below mentioned processes require a stipulated time to show its desired result(s).

1.    Website objective:

The very first and most important step is to set the objective of website. First finalize your website objective, strategy, vision, and mission. Once it is finalized, you can move o

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Seven points to be noted while designing a custom website

1.    Custom Logo:

People process an image in their mind easily than words.  Hence logos are very important in online marketing. A professionally designed logo gives brand name recognition and enhances the visual appeal. “Logo is a symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of the company.”

2.    Custom Flash Banner:

An aesthetically designed custom flash banner is an impor

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Eleven social media marketing methods

Online Marketing is the best method to reach people who are interested in what you have to sell. Hence you have to establish an enticing brand identity and thus build a vibrant online community for your products and services.  The best method to do this is to make use of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Social Networking is the most excellent way to promote your business at a very low cost. This inexpensive and far-reaching method of advertising wil

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