Free Services How to keep your site updated - You can update your own website easily!

You might have come across a lot of website maintenance & updating plans. This article is about how to keep your website updated without spending a penny. This will helps you to understand the various aspects of website updating.

1. Update About Us Page:

If your website has an About Us page or something similar that tells about the company, its vision & mission, history, credentials and references, then make sure that it is updated as per your current status. You can do the same staff lists and other directories too, updating it with correct names, designations & other details.

2. Update Contact Information:

The phone numbers, fax numbers and mailing addresses in your contact us page should be updated on time.   If you have not updated your old phone numbers & other contact details, then you’re definitely going to lose some of the potential customers.

3.Update your email routing:

Check whether your mails are routed to the proper department/concern person or not.
Ex: [email protected] is contact address for customer care while [email protected] should be send to the sale department. Make sure that your email address will reflect the service related to the particular department.

4.Check the enquiry forms:

If you’ve given an enquiry form on your website, review it constantly & make sure that it is working perfectly. Enquiry forms, Contact Us pages should be up-to-date and highly user friendly. Those who are planning for modifications can take a feedback from the clients and associates to get an idea about the changes that can be implemented.

5. Check your Auto –reply (Automated Outgoing Messages) E-mails & Messages:

If you are have auto reply messages and confirmation mails for enquiry, product usage and other services, then make sure that the mail content is updated on time. It should also have the right contact information.

6.    Check your Policy statements & Copyright details:

Review the policy statement & copyright information of your company periodically and keep it updated. Make sure that your current policy statement has all the details about handling of customers and the management of various services.

7.    Check all the outgoing & incoming links of your website:

Make sure all the outgoing links from your website goes to the appropriate pages. If these links are broken or misplaced, visitor will get frustrated and leave your website.
You should also check the hidden sections of your website. If your site has protected areas, where your employees are given restricted access, you have to update it on a yearly basis. It is not professional to maintain the old & obsolete passwords and other details related to your employees.

8.    Check your domain record details

Make sure that all the domain registration details are associated with you, If it not, you might miss renewal notice and other important announcements related to your domain.

9.    Website Testing:

Even if you are not from testing background, you can check the content, broken links, validations, and functionalities of your website easily.