Advancements in search engine techniques

Published on: Wed, May 20, 2009 , Updated on Wed, May 20, 2009
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 It can be undoubtedly said that Google dominates the search engine world. Yahoo can be seen next to it and Microsoft trails even far behind. According to the latest reports from comScore Inc the market shares of the three companies in April are as follows.

• 64.2 percent for Google
• 20.4 percent for Yahoo
• 8.2 percent for Microsoft

This doesn’t convey the idea that everything is silent on the search engine front.  Researchers are on the quest for innovative techniques to enhance the use of search engines.  Google, the masters in search engine world has unveiled a series of discoveries to its search engine last week. Microsoft is expected to make an announcement of its biggest revolutionary changes soon, including a major revamping of their search engine services, which can be possibly rebranded from the confusing Live Search.

Yahoo demonstrated a series of recent steps from the evolution that started years before when the company had started answering certain specific searches like movie, sports team, celebrity etc ‘with boxes of rich information’ than links to web pages. The spokesperson of Yahoo remarked this as a revolutionary change from “a Web of pages to a Web of objects, real world things like movies, teams, locations, monuments or artists.” Yahoo is planning to give a more comprehensive answers to the queries related to these ‘real world things’. This will be done only in part, due to 'its learning algorithms' and the 'acceptance of Search Monkey', which allows publishers to ‘flag certain information from their WebPages ‘to Yahoo. This makes the processing of the search engines much easier.  The company also gave an update of Yahoo BOSS, which provides an open search web services platform.

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