Hackers attack Facebook again

Published on: Thu, May 21, 2009 , Updated on Thu, May 21, 2009
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Courtesy: http://ibnlive.in.com - May 15


200 Million Facebook users landed in trouble on 14th May when a few hackers launched an attack against the site, and managed to gather the passwords of many of the users.

Barry Schbitt, Facebook spokesman said that the site started the cleaning process almost immediately and was blocking certain ‘compromised accounts’. But he didn’t reveal more details about the account.

The hackers managed to get the passwords through ‘phishing attack’, by breaking in to the account information of certain Facebook members, sending fake  e-mails and making them click on links to fake websites, designed similar to Facebook.

The victims were made to log back to the fake sites controlled by the hackers. By logging in to these sites the victims unknowingly give away their passwords to the hackers. 

Phishing attacks usually focus on identity theft and spreading spam.

According to experts www.151.im, www.121.im and www.123.im were the fake domains used for the attack. Facebook has successfully deleted all the references to these domains. Facebook has disclosed that the attack was indented to collect the details of a large number of users, which can be later used to send spam mails and other harmful details to Facebook members.

A similar type of phishing attack was used by the hackers last year to spread a dangerous virus known as Koobface (Don’t you see a reference to Facebook?). Users received a mail with a link that looked as if it was sent by member in the friend’s list. The virus entered the PC of the victim as soon as they clicked on the link.

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