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Published on: Fri, May 29, 2009 , Updated on Fri, May 29, 2009
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Google has added some of the most requested features in Google Chrome recently, making the web browser speedier and more user-friendly. An updated version of Chrome, along with the updates, was released by Google in March. Google has been continuing its efforts to create more easy-to-use applications in Chrome.

Here are some of the improvements made in Chrome:

Improved New Tab Page – Google has removed the thumbnails from the new tab page. This was one of the much requested features from Chrome users. Now it’s easy to hide a page from the ‘Most Visited Section’.

Full Screen Mode – It’s easy to hide the title bar and the rest of the browser window now, while watching a presentation or a large video. Just hit F11 or pick the option in the Tools menu. You can have a view the video in a better way.

Form Autofill – Filling the information in forms again and again is always difficult. Form autofill ( ), the new option in Chrome helps in viewing the previously entered data in the same form fields. You can dele the information using the Tools menu.

Other advancements include

Increased Stability – The stability of Google Chrome has increased much, and the browser has been successful in fixing about 300 bugs, that caused crashes since its launch.

 Increased Speed – A faster web search is the top priority of Google Chrome. Using the most modern tools Google has made the web browser much faster than before.  The JavaScript used in the application maintains its speed irrespective of the number of tabs opened.

To get a more comprehensive idea about the updates watch

The updates will be automatically done for the existing Google Chrome users. The new users can get the latest version at

Regarding the version numbers, Google has reffered to this as Chrome 2, a metric that helps to keep track of changes. 

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