New Yorker iPhone cover raises the sale of Brush App

Published on: Sat, May 30, 2009 , Updated on Sat, May 30, 2009
Tags: iPhone application, brushes


The ecstasy of artist Jorge Colombo who drew the ‘dreamy, nocturnal cityscape’ of Manhattan on his iPhone, for the June 1 cover of The New Yorker, knew no bounds, when a software engineer Steve Sprang developed Brushes, the iPhone application that changed Mr. Columbo’s dreams into digital strokes.

The popularity of cover has tremendously increased the sale of Sprang’s iPhone applications.

Sprang devotes his free time for developing user-friendly applications for the iPhone and Mac.

According to Mr. Sprang the application had its highest-selling on Monday, since its first release into Apple’s App Store in August.

On average the application sale is roughly 60 to 70 copies each day.

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