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Published on: Tue, Jun 09, 2009 , Updated on Tue, Jun 09, 2009
Tags: futz
Courtesy: - June 8th

News (; is an easy to use reminder and book marking service that lets users send sites, images and notes to e-mails or mobile through the address bar of the browser that they use. A registered user has to add in front of the URL, image, or text and it immediately gets sent as an e-mail, an SMS message, or both.

Futz contains granular controls that help users manage the handling of text & links vs. images. not only helps in managing the images that are already on the Web, but also host them, if needed. If you've got images on your PC, you can maintain a special file command to upload it from the hard drive.

You can also bookmark links and images without logging in, i.e. on receiving your username anybody can save links and messages to you.

Futz may perhaps remind you of Kwiry (, that lets users save Web searches via SMS , so that it can be viewed afterwards. It's also similar to the services of Read It Later ( but doesn’t have the option to view & manage past items.

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