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Published on: Mon, Aug 10, 2009 , Updated on Mon, Aug 10, 2009
Tags: Blind search tool
Courtesy: - 8th August


Michael Kordahi, a developer evangelist has created a ‘blind search tool’ that gives Google, Yahoo and Bing searches in a single page, separated by three columns.  But the user won’t be able to know which column contains which search engine, until they click the ‘vote for this search engine’ button on the page.  Users can vote for the best search results.  
Most of the search engine experts believe that Google searches are better than the other search engines.  But this search tool literally strips out all the so called brandings, helping us to think more about the search results obtained.  So don’t miss it, check out  and vote for the best search results.  

PS- Please note that the search results are general and are not country based.

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