Google Translate Available In 51 Languages

Published on: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 , Updated on Thu, Sep 10, 2009
Tags: Google Translate
Courtesy: - 31st August

How are the Googlers living and working in non-English speaking countries finding out information through the internet? The answer is very simple. They make use of Google Translate, and translate the necessary information that they receive. A simple and easy-to-use method!

And now Google has achieved yet another landmark in the easy transfer of information across the globe.  They have added 9 new languages to the list of languages in Google translate. The languages are Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili, Welsh and Yiddish. ‘Google Translate now supports 51 languages and 2550 language pairs — including all 23 official EU languages’. The company also plans to integrate Google Translate to some of its recent products. So let’s all wait and watch!

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