Google acquires reCAPTCHA

Published on: Sat, Sep 19, 2009
Tags: CAPTCHA, google
Courtesy: - 16th September

The latest news from the search engines giant Google is the acquiring of reCAPTCHA Inc. The company is famous for the invention of CAPTCHA, a well-known fraud preventing system used in websites and emails.

For those who need a basic idea about CAPTCHA, they are mostly curved letters or words that you must enter before submitting a web form.  You may find it difficult to read it or type it, but these wavy shaped letters help a lot in differentiating a spambot from a human user.  A human being can read it, but computers may find it really hard to understand the letters. This prevents spamming to a great extent. 

CAPTCHAs have been implemented in many websites and are really good against spambots. CAPTCHAs are free and easy to embed. Moreover there is an audible version of CAPTCHA for the users who are visually impaired.

Google will be now applying CAPTCHA technique to increase the spam protection for its products.  CAPCHAs will be also used in the books and news paper scanning process.

So let’s see what CAPTCHAs can do for Google’s products.

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