Here is Google home page with its new look!

Published on: Mon, Dec 07, 2009 , Updated on Mon, Dec 07, 2009
Tags: Google search
Courtesy: - 2nd December

Have you noticed a change in the homepage of Google? It has a new look now, which is a modified version of the classic page of Google. The most important feature of the newly created homepage is that it “fades in”, when the page gets loaded first. The user will be able to see only the logo of Google, the search box and the buttons.

Most of the people use Google homepage for search. Hence this minimal and clear approach helps them to do the search easily.  Those who need the other applications of Google can move the mouse a little to see the other links on the homepage. The users who need other applications will definitely move the mouse, as they arrive on the homepage.

Thus ‘fade-in’ is a useful version of Google home page, as it helps the people to do a proper search without any distractions.

Google had been experimenting on the homepage for quite some time and had done so many live tests on their website. Usually these tests are done when Google makes some fundamental changes that affect the whole site.

According to Google’s official blog, they had tried almost 10 different fade-ins, before taking a final decision.   Some of the experiments literally made hindrance in the user experience too. However, the efforts from the Google experts turned out successful finally, and the new homepage was launched last week.

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