Search icon for Gmail users

Published on: Mon, Feb 01, 2010 , Updated on Mon, Feb 01, 2010
Tags: Google Labs, Google search
Courtesy: - 31st January 2010

Many of you might have noticed the new search icon in the ‘Compose Mail’ window of Gmail, the free web mail service of Google.  This helps users to run search queries and add results and URLs in to their drafted e-mails or open chats. 

This new icon is an expanded version of the Google Lab feature known as ‘Google Search’.  This feature was introduced by Google in April 2009, but was optional for Gmail.

The first part of this process was the addition of the ‘Web Search’ box to the main column on the left side of the web page, with more or less the same functionality. But users had to go the side column to do the necessary search.  But enabling this feature now will add an icon on the top tool bar of the ‘Compose Mail’ window.

When you click on the icon a small screen appears on the bottom of the screen. You can do the necessary search, similar to Google Search, and can paste the results or URL on your mail or chat. 

This feature saves a lot of time.  Check it out and install it soon.

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