LinkedIn adds more features to company pages

Published on: Tue, Nov 02, 2010 , Updated on Sat, Nov 06, 2010
Tags: business social networking


LinkedIn, the most sought after ‘business oriented social networking website’, has started  adding more and more features in the company profiles  on the network, equipping them to become more and more powerful and thereby reach a wider set of people around the world. Companies have now ‘Follow’, ‘News Feed’ and ‘Career’ sections on their profile pages.   The idea behind this change is to entice companies to add more details and career information in to their profiles, which can be useful for professionals who are looking for job openings as well as recruiters who are in search of potential employers.

LinkedIn has also started showing ‘Product Recommendation’ option on the profile pages of companies. LinkedIn members will be really happy to hear this as product recommendations are equally useful to the sellers and buyers. “Each time a LinkedIn member endorses your products or services; their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections and could spread virally.”

Company pages in LinkedIn will now have three main tabs: an over view, a career section and a section for products. These changes from LinkedIn are meant to help professionals, recruiters and shoppers take wise decisions while visiting the linked in pages of companies. After all, there is absolutely no meaning in going over a quick or random choice, be it a product or a job. Both have to be done very carefully. Hence these options allow members to reach a good judgment after analyzing all the relevant details.

As companies are allowed to display the recommendations from their customers, they can easily build a strong and credible brand identity among the targeted group of people.  Let’s hope that this upgrade on LinkedIn company profiles will prove to be beneficial.

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