Now you don’t need a machine to send Faxes!

Published on: Thu, Nov 25, 2010 , Updated on Thu, Nov 25, 2010
Tags: send faxes online

Most of us hate sending faxes, due to the extremely lengthy process associated with it. It’s really time consuming.  Buy with the discovery of PamFax, things have become very easy. Now anyone can send faxes easily for just $6/month and receive unlimited number of faxes, without fearing the annoying ads and annoying problems related to fax machines. 

PamFax services are not free, but cheaper when compared with other fax services. You can easily transfer your documents, photos and other popular formats directly to fax. 

PamFax supports document formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, JPG, TIF, and PNG and promises industry-standard secure SSL encryption methods, making the data absolutely safe.

Among the various plans announced, small businesses can use Basic plans that start with $6 per month.  The next higher plan is $9, where you have to pay $9 per month.
Users can either fax their documents from PamFax or can download the desktop client for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Businesses can add PamFax to their ‘customer-facing FaceBook pages’.

PamFax can be integrated with Salesforce CRM software. This helps salespeople send faxes to the customers within a few clicks. PalmFax has a user friendly Skype Version too.

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