Another Crowning Glory For Microsoft

Published on: Wed, Apr 23, 2008


Cochin: The makers of the most promising changes in IT, Microsoft has announced a data storage and web software system, called Live Mesh that allows files and folders to be shared across multiple devices. Live Mesh consists of a software component that allows proper organization among different devices. Live Mesh is an integral part of one of the building blocks of a rapidly growing software platform of Microsoft, usually termed as cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the movement of software applications and services from PCs to a common data centre, from where they are made available through Internet.

The introduction of Live Mesh is a significant step for Microsoft as they have now started grabbing hold of their cloud computing rivals, with the help of the new package. Live Mesh system is a software platform in the data centre, for a growing array of services of Microsoft.
The company has described the current version of Live Mesh, as a “technological preview “of the upcoming revolution in the field. 15 components of Live Mesh service has been brought to light. Among them two are user-oriented applications. One helps in the synchronization of files in multiple computers while the other, Live Mesh Remote desktop, is a free software service that authorizes the users to control computers and other devices over the Internet.

Microsoft spokesman has said that the company would start a public test of the software this year beginning with devices running Windows XP and Mobile, later on Mac computers and other mobile devices. Five gigabytes of free data storage also would be included. But he has refused to speculate about charges for additional features and services.

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