A prospective Canadian tie-up for Development Guruji

Published on: Fri, Jan 23, 2009 , Updated on Wed, Feb 04, 2009

Cochin - Development Guruji‘s association with Nick Murray , a professional vendor of wireless broadband services, from Canada, has created a handful of mid to large sized projects, http://bullfrogwireless.com/ being the prominent among these. Nick visited the office of Development Guruji in December; to be clearer Nick surprised the team with his sudden visit; nevertheless a much waited moment for the team members. He had a short chat with every one especially with those who handle his projects. After the discussions he entrusted a few more key projects to the CEO Mr: K.G.Sajith, who accompanied him. These vital projects employ the most updated web development technologies. After unleashing his apparent cheerfulness amongst the ISPG ians, Nick left the office promising another visit shortly.

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