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Published on: Wed, Feb 04, 2009 , Updated on Wed, Feb 04, 2009 Courtesy: - January 27th


Here is an end to the biggest drawbacks of web based software that support your e-mails. Google has come up with its new technological innovation that helps you to read your mails offline, say while you are on an air plane or on a road without Wi-Fi access. The feature is currently on an experimental stage.

This services being provided by many other web-mail providers like Yahoo and Zoho too. Yahoo made the service available last year though the process requires users to download a desktop e-mail program called Zimbra, which Yahoo had acquired in 2007. This software can also be used to access Gmail and AOL mails. Windows Live, a product from Microsoft, and Zoho, a web e-mail provider, also offers limited offline access to mails.

Most web e-mail services have been letting users to download their messages to desktop clients like Microsoft Outlook using POP or IMAP technology. But G-mail has a difference. It allows the users to handle their e-mail within the G-mail and also has facilities for the automatic synchronization of changes, on availability of Internet.
In 2007 the company had introduced a set of programming tools, called the called Google Gears, which allows developers to adapt web programs so that they can be used offline. Google has also made its blog reading service, Google reader and its corresponding software, Google Docs, available offline.

The news service can be obtained from the “Labs” section of G-mail. The section is used by the company to introduce experimental features. But Google has never ruled out the possibility of a worm attack, during this process and hence warns the users not to be surprised if the run in to some kink, since the feature is on an experimental stage.
According to Andy Palay, a senior engineer of Google, the software proved to be successful inside Goggle. The company hopes to make the service available to users of US and UK in a couple of days.

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