5 Common Myths Of Web Development

Published on: Sat, Jan 24, 2009 , Updated on Fri, Feb 06, 2009 Courtesy: http://www.ciol.com/Developer/News-Reports/Limiting-Web-changes-is-false-economy/21708108155/0/


A recent survey conducted by independent market researchers among of 100 IT managers & directors has revealed common misconceptions & mistakes related to web development.  It was shown that around 60%   of top IT managers & directors believe that by minimizing the number of changes during web development, they could avoid project failures and there by cut costs. In fact it was noted in the survey that majority of the top IT directors   recommend against adopting a rigid & inflexible approach towards web development & designing projects, as often the resulting online products & services often fail to  meet the requirements of the clients.

Survey lists below are the top 5 common misconceptions pertaining to web development

1. Money can be saved  by limiting the number of web changes
2. Development will be slowed down if more stake holders are involved
3. More flexibility  results in lesser control
4. The risk of project failure can be minimized by having a detailed up front    specification
5. 90% of times web projects are late & cross the budget limits

Leading IT management consultants recommend  IT professionals to involve more business stake holders in the web projects. To quote the world renowned web development specialist Mr.Harold Tanner
"Too much emphasis and time is allocated to drafting a detailed specification document.  Sometimes the process can involve several months work and pages of specification equivalent to a phone directory. It comes as no surprise that after investing this time on producing the brief, that people feel obliged to deliver against it. Having an Agile philosophy, combined with an innovative framework such as Ruby on Rails, can provide a practical solution to address the concerns of IT managers delivering projects, without the need of compromise."

 He advises that the winning management mantra is to adopt a dynamic approach to web development projects, so as to ensure on time completion without any unnecessary or costly revisions at later stages.

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