Adobe Presents Life Cycle Developer Express

Published on: Wed, Feb 04, 2009 , Updated on Fri, Feb 06, 2009 Courtesy:


Adobe systems recently announced the release of Adobe life cycle developer software express. This latest innovation is developed using Amazon elastic compute cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon simple storage service (Amazon S3) technologies.

Vice president of product management and developer relations for Amazon Web Services, Adam Selipsky said “We are excited to see Adobe extend to its customers the vast potential for unlocking productivity by providing access to enterprise-scale environments in the cloud. By offering developer access to its comprehensive LiveCycle ES solution via Amazon Web Services, Adobe continues to push the boundaries when supporting its enterprise developer community."

Adobe’s latest brainchild , Live Cycle Developer Express provides a virtual, self contained development atmosphere where the developers can prototype, develop and test adobe life cycle ES applications without having to configure/install adobe life cycle ES themselves.

With Adobe Lifecycle ES developer express, Adobe applications can be pre configured as ready to run server instances on Amazon EC2 server. This can greatly help in reducing the time required to boot from hours to minutes, there by allowing testers to begin the testing immediately.

This innovation is a boon to developers who can now give security to their applications without bothering with a test lab. Old projects may be deleted or saved for future reference while projects can begin immediately without any necessity of a clean up required from last install.

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