Another setback for Google!

Published on: Wed, Feb 11, 2009 , Updated on Wed, Feb 11, 2009
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Google has recently announced that it has upgraded the Google search engine to index the text embedded within the Flash Action Scripting. This vague announcement from Google was received by much criticism in the web world.

Some puzzling excerpts from the announcement are:
"We (Google) do not execute some types of JavaScript. So if your web page loads a Flash file via JavaScript, Google may not be aware of that Flash file, in which case it will not be indexed."

The announcement has left many developers guessing - What types of JavaScript?  So was Google saying that it would only index Flash content that was authored using outdated HTML-only techniques?

After many days of outcry and protest from developers, Google finally admitted that the announcement was not clear and that it has left many questions unanswered. It has recently announced an update to their announcement. Relevant excerpts from the announcement are:
• Flash content inserted with SWFObject library’s dynamic publishing method, will not be indexed. On the other hand, the static publishing method (where two nested <object> tags are included in the page) will be indexed.
• Text content loaded on –the-fly from an XML file is not yet indexed.
• Google will do its best to detect when duplicate content is there to provide an HTML alternative to Flash content, and will only display one of the two versions in the search results

While the uncertainty continues over how well Google can index flash content, web experts believe that it will only be a matter of time that the text within the flash websites will be completely indexed in Google search engines.

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