An external gamepad for iPhone

Published on: Wed, Feb 11, 2009 , Updated on Thu, Feb 12, 2009
Tags: Iphone, gamepad
Courtesy: - 27th January

Cochin - Innovations are ongoing in the field of mobile gaming, making it bigger and better day by day. User-friendly gaming handsets are being designed by the various companies, to meet the growing demands of people. As of now, one of the better gaming handsets available on the market, would be the iPhone, but for certain complexities in the usage.

iPhone users will be glad to hear that a site called has developed a console like controller casing for the handset that allows a true gaming style feel on the phone. Simple and carefully designed to slip right over the device, the casting has the following features

•    A D-pad for navigation
•    Action Keys (ABXY)
•    A start button
•    Power LED
•    Select key

The making of the controller add-on have reached the final stage and the developers believe that it’s ready for a mass production. No confirmation has been received yet, but it’s seems that the company would also develop an iControlPad for the iTouch.

The availability of the device or pricing too has not been disclosed. But  this would take mobile gaming to a whole new level.

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