Insider attacks to go up

Published on: Mon, Feb 16, 2009
Tags: security breaches, insider attacks
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The top rated software makers have warned companies to anticipate a sudden increase in the “insider” security attacks, by the unhappy, laid off workers. Microsoft has said that these attacks will worsen with the ongoing layoffs. According to Microsoft's Doug Leland, "With 1.5 million predicted job losses in the US alone, there's an increased risk and exposure to these attacks". This is one of the most significant threats companies face".

The general manager of a recently formed Identity and Security, Mr Leland told BBC News such attacks can create far reaching effects. He said, "The malicious insider is classed as the greatest security concern because they have access, and relatively easy access, to corporate assets."

A study conducted by Verizon shows that about 18% of the attacks are insider breaches and the rest from outsiders. Economic loss due to data theft has been increasing in an alarming rate these days.

Symantec, makers of the top security software maker have also pointed out that financial depression would increase the number malicious inside breaches. The founder of Data Loss Prevention Unit of the firm, Kevin Rowney, has said that most of the cases are due to revenge fear or greed. The insider attacks can be more upsetting than others as the employees know well, the place where “the crown jewel” is kept, unlike a hacker who needs an expedition to find out where the jewels are hidden.

Microsoft's solutions has included methods like encrypting data as well as stressed the need for companies to be quicker in withdrawing an employee's access to data, once they have been laid off or moved to another section. These can prevent data loss to a considerable extent.

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