Google does it again!

Published on: Mon, Feb 16, 2009
Tags: web development, Google mobiles, google


The search engine giant, Google has launched a new service, Google Sync, in the market. Google Sync allows the users to automatically update dates, calendar & other contact information directly to mobile phones. For the first time in the history, Microsoft joins hand with its arch rival, Google to bring this revolutionary service in the market.

Once the user sets up Google Sync in the phone, it will automatically begin synchronizing the user’s calendar & address book into his mobile. Besides Sync uses push technology, so that any changes in the calendar / contacts will be automatically updated into the phone in a matter of seconds. Once it is set up, the connection will be always on; so there is no need to manually sync the phone again.

So the user’s calendar & contacts will always remain up to date, no matter where he is and what time zone he follows. Even if the user might lose his phone, the data will be automatically stored in his Google account.

Google media spokesperson commented on the launch, “Google Sync is a particularly handy improvement for people who regularly use Google tools."
Google Sync works with a wide range of phones including windows mobile phones, apple i phone, RIM’s blackberry, Nokia & Sony Ericsson phones.

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