Another innovation from Transcend!

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Cochin:Pioneer in digital storage industry, Transcend Inc announced the arrival of its new 2.5 inch portable hard drive, StoreJet 25 F in India. This new hard drive measuring around 113.8 mm x 80.9 mm x 15.9mm, is mainly intended for the use of business travelers. It has USB 2 interface which allows data transfer at the rate of 480Mb/sec. Besides it supports all commonly used operating systems Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac, and Linux. Despite its compact size, StoreJet 25F has up to 500 GB storage space, so that it becomes really a handy tool for to have with you when you are on run.

Austin Huang, regional head - Sales, SAARC and APAC, Transcend commented on a recent press release, "Combining its huge storage capacity with designer gloss diamond pattern and lustrous metallic finish, the StoreJet 25F is truly a marriage of technology and style. Moreover, its useful anti-slip rubber feet provide a stable base for resting on a table or computer case. We are confident that our customers will appreciate this elegant portable storage solution that Transcend offers for their precious data," he added.”

 StoreJet 25 F comes with a data management tools which allows website auto login, Mobile Favorites with No Trace Internet browsing, Secret-Zip file encryption, Mobile E-mail, Online Update and intelligent backup scheduling, security, and file compression functions

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