Top Social Networking Sites In India.

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Marketing research giant, comScore Inc has recently released a list of top 10 social networking websites in India. It was found that the number of visitors to social networking websites has jumped from 10 million to 51 million visitors in last year alone.

Social networking continued to grow strongly in India this past year, with several of the top global brands carving out a more prominent position. Will Hodgeman, comScore executive Vice President commented, “While there is certainly room for several players in the social networking space in India, the sites that have the right blend of having both a strong brand and cultural relevance will be best positioned for future growth."

Another trend which was widely observed was global social networking giants continue to gain prominence in India. Orkut heads the list followed closely by Face book, hi5, LinkedIn, My space etc.

Orkut retains its hold as the most popular social networking website with more than 12.8 million visitors, which is a staggering 81% more than previous year. In other words Orkut has thrice the number of users than its nearest competitor Face book. According to popular opinion, success of Orkut lies in its clean & simple user interface.  Face book is at the number two position with 4 million visitors. follows closely with 3.3 million visitors and hi5 on the fifth position with 2 million visitors.

Yet another striking trend was that business networking still seems to be at its infancy in India. Not a single business networking site made it to list of top 5 social networking sites. A popular business networking site in the west LinkedIn, occupies only the 7th position in the list

According to IDC Value Matrix study, social networking remains popular among the youths in metros. It has still not managed to penetrate into suburbs & villages. To really build an identity and strong Indian user bases among the masses, Indian social networking sites need to reflect upon the unique nature of relationships in Indian society.

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