Another Fake!

Published on: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 , Updated on Tue, Feb 24, 2009
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These days no one would be ready to believe the saying that a camera never tells lies. With Photoshop, you can now manipulate any picture in your own way, to speak anything you want, and it needs a skilled eye to tell whether any of them is true. The readers of London telegraph were greeted on Friday morning with a peculiar photograph of gigantic snake, seen wending its way down a tropical river. The river was located to be somewhere near South East Island of Borneo.  Locals suggested that the animal may be the creature mentioned in the folklore, called Nabau, a dragon-like, sea serpent which changes shapes. Many people aren’t convinced. The competitors of the newspaper declared the news to be a fake and the photograph is shrewdly forged one, using Adobe Photoshop.
Among the two photographs released, one is said to have taken from a helicopter where as the second one wasn't. This suggests that the creature was sighted on two separate occasions. This raises another question as to why there are only two photos of the snake. One who sees an extraordinary creature like this would snap more than one picture each time.
Another interesting fact in the photograph is that the snake-like creature seems to be posing full-length for the camera, which is practically impossible.

The aerial photo shows the snake nicely centered in the middle of the river. The other one which was shot from above the rooftops in the foreground shows its full length.

It’s certainly possible that the photographer would have been lucky enough get a glimpse of the giant snake at its most photogenic moment, both times, but there arises another question, if the huge beast spends much time in such high-visibility areas why didn’t any one report it before? More questions arise as people closely examine the photograph and all these disturbing questions sharpen the fact that the photographs are simply faked.

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