E- Governance To All

Published on: Wed, Feb 25, 2009 , Updated on Wed, Feb 25, 2009 Courtesy: www.ciol.com


Cochin: Government of India has announced its plan to set up more than 1 lakh IT enabled Common Services Centres (CSCs) with an aim of developing a platform that can enable Government, Private& Social sector organizations to work for the benefit of common people.

Each centre will be equipped with PC, printer, scanner, UPS, wireless internet connectivity and additional equipments for education, entertainment, telemedicine etc.  These IT enabled centres will act as access points to propagate benefits of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) to rural folks.

The CSC Scheme has a 3-tier implementation framework:
• First (CSC) level is the Village Level (VLE). Focus is to service the rural consumer in a cluster of 5-6 villages.
• Second/middle level is Service Centre Agency (SCA) to operate, manage and build the village level (VLE) network and business. An SCA would be identified for one or more districts (one district would cover 100-200 CSCs).
• Third level is the State Designated Agency (SDA) to facilitate implementation of the Scheme within the State and to provide requisite policy, content and other support to the SCAs

By the end of 2008, RFPs (Request For Proposals) have been issued by 25 States for 1,06,275 CSCs and Master Service Agreements have been signed for 1,02,851 Centres in 23 States.

It is estimated that the total cost this ambitious project will come up to be 5742 crores, of which Rs 856 crores will be funded by Central Government and State Government will raise Rs 793 crores. The rest of the resources will be mobilized by the private sector.

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