G-mail crashed!

Published on: Thu, Feb 26, 2009 , Updated on Thu, Feb 26, 2009
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Leaving the users in the brim of anxiety, Google’s online e-mail service, Gmail, ran out of service, for several hours, on Tuesday morning. The error occurred for users worldwide. This is not the first time, but this episode was wide spread.

British users noticed Gmail in trouble, around 10:30 local time, or 5:30 a.m. EST, and came back online about 3 hours later.

Tests conducted in New York at around 7:30 EST revealed broken service, as only a few were able to use Gmail and others were not. Mobile Gmail service started going down about 8:45 a.m. EST.

Google utilizes Gmail for much of its communications and hence majority of the users could not even successfully complain about the problem. Even though the service was only down for a couple of hours, it disrupted the works of many.
Some British users were asked to fill out a "captcha" form, which helps to prove that the user is human, by deciphering the garbled letters, when they logged back. Many of the users found this as an indication of the possibility of a virus or automated program that might have tried to compromise Gmail.

This clearly exposed the vulnerability of "cloud" computing. Google is always on the lookout of selling its cloud-based Google Apps service, to businesses, for a couple of years. They received a notable success in getting some of the companies to switch to Gmail from Microsoft's Outlook.

Microsoft, the monarch of the industry, who never lags behind, tried promoting its parallel service, Windows Live service.

But many of the cloud computing applications face a common problem. Once the central server, or your Internet access, goes down, the whole application will be in trouble. Like what a British businesses seem to have found on Tuesday.

“If Google can go down for even an hour, then what might happen to much smaller enterprise cloud solutions?”  The question is still haunting the users.

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