Google Unveils Tool bar 6 for IE

Published on: Mon, Mar 02, 2009 Courtesy:


Internet search giant, Google, has recently launched its latest version of toolbar, Toolbar 6 for Internet Explorer. The toolbar is aimed at making search & navigation faster & easier.  Google has announced that the tool bar will be available in 40 languages with a variety of new features like Google bookmark, auto fill, custom buttons, gadgets, search suggestions etc.

How ever the most notable part of the toolbar is the Quick Search Box (QSB). QSB will enable the user to search Google without having to open a browser. QSB will automatically customize itself according to the user’s search patterns and in a short period of time, QSB will be able to offer easier navigation to websites & applications.

In a recent blog post Google media spokes person has announced, "This release is an attempt to put the focus back on search. More importantly, it's getting people to start a Google search whether or not they've got their browser open - giving the company more chances to serve up ads. Part of that is already apparent, as users get sponsored results through toolbar searches, just like they would when searching from"

Likewise Google has also added a new tab page for IE users to offer similar experience in Firefox toolbar. New tab page will offer users faster access to most visited sites, recently closed tabs and book marked pages. Besides user can edit their most visited sites & data will remain locally in the browser without being sent back to Google

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