Ning heading towards a notable change

Published on: Mon, Mar 02, 2009 , Updated on Mon, Mar 02, 2009
Tags: ning, chat functionality, traffic, facebook
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Ning, one of the famous social networking sites is planning to introduce a new chat functionality, thereby giving the Ning network administrators the ability to integrate a rich chat environment similar to the one one on Facebook.  This Flash based new chat system of Ning is in the form of a chat bar, along the bottom of the screen. Users will be able to access in even in between the navigation of pages. Users can chat using the interface at the bottom of the screen, or can ‘pop-out’ the chats to their window. The interface will remain consistent across each network. But the users won’t be able to chat with members outside the network that they browse at the time.

Ning had introduced a chat feature last summer, with the basic functions. But it used either dedicated chat pages or sidebar iFrames. This won’t make the chat visible during navigation. But the basic version was found highly successful and Ning’s chat traffic increased tremendously. Here is a graph that would help you to compare the traffic with of Ning with Meebo, a much sought after IM service.
A part of this, the number of Ning users has also increased, despite the fact that the site recently banned porn networks, which had slowed down Ning’s traffic to a significant amount.

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