The Future Of Gaming Has Arrived!

Published on: Mon, Mar 02, 2009 Courtesy:


3D Gaming giants, Id Software, has launched Quake Live, an updated version of 10 year old critically acclaimed Quack 3. This version is free and can be played directly within a browser anywhere, anytime.

Within a few days of its launch, the game has been receiving fantastic reviews from gamers & critics alike.  In the first week itself the game became insanely popular, so popular  that many people were left waiting in virtual queues which exceeded 50, 000 in depth. Id solution has apologized for the delay and is working hard to find a solution.

Although the game is browser based, it has a few limitations
1. It is only available to Windows PC users. Till date no news is forthcoming of its availability in Mac or Linux.
2. It only works in IE7 or Firefox 3 (not version 3.1) – so Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Lynx fans   are likely to disappointed
3. The user has to install a browser plug-in to play.

Hardly had the game been released, rumors are already making grounds that the game is developed using Adobe Flash. A dedicated plug in will be required to handle much of the graphical gaming effort.

Whether the game is browser based or not, the game matches in quality, playability & speed of console based gaming a generation or two ago. Until now Flash & Browser games have been simple, perhaps this high profile release, is a move towards Generation Next in Gaming.

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