Microsoft,The Dethroned King!

Published on: Mon, Mar 02, 2009 Courtesy:


In yet another controversial ruling, European courts have up held European Union’s (EU) decision that Microsoft has violated anti trust law by bundling Windows Media Player with Windows Operating System. Google has recently joined the bandwagon against Microsoft.

Google is now a part of strong anti Microsoft alliance formed by Mozilla Foundation, parent company of Firefox web browser and Norway’s Opera, a privately held company. The arrival of Google has unleashed a new breath of life into this union.
"Google believes that the browser market is still largely uncompetitive, which holds back innovation for users," Sundar Pichai, Google Vice President Product Manager, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

In January, formal charges were raised against Microsoft for abusing its dominant market position by offering Internet Explorer as a package along with its Windows operating system, which is used in 95 percent of the world's personal computers.
If the preliminary views on EU’s statement of objections are confirmed, Microsoft will be subjected to a fine and an order requiring to stop packaging IE along with windows, there by involuntarily forcing the users to use a browser against their will.

The company has then been fined more than $2 billion for its violations and for failing to carry out remedies imposed by the Commission.
Is the end of the Microsoft’s world wide monopoly near?

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