Kumo Vs Google

Published on: Thu, Mar 12, 2009 , Updated on Thu, Mar 12, 2009
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Microsoft has announced that the testing of their new search engine is going on in their corporate network.  If it’s found successful the search engine will be rolled in to http://www.live.com/ or perhaps introduced as a new search engine.  The company has been really working hard to build a better, and competitive, search engine. Microsoft has guaranteed that the indexing system used, will understand the entire sentence given, and the relationships between individual words. Theoretically it will lead to more accurate results.

Feel a déjà vu? A lot of companies have come up claiming that they have a Google-beater. Big claims and big launches were usually followed by big failures too.

The reason why Microsoft wants to take on Google is simple; Google is the biggest threat to the company’s upcoming revenues. Creating a better search engine will hit Google where it hurts. But no matter how good Kumo is, it will struggle, because:

Launching a new search engine takes much time. Google was launched in 1997. It took about two to three years for Google to grab a mainstream success. Microsoft wants instant results and it is highly doubtful. Kumo may find it very difficult very difficult to withstand the competition.

Google is a widely recognized brand that is synonymous with searching the web. Brand recognition cannot be forced or bought, no matter how hard Microsoft tries.

Kumo may be really good, as Microsoft claims, but creating a better search engine that can beat Google, well, let’s wait and watch.

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