Microsoft Releases IE8

Published on: Fri, Mar 20, 2009 , Updated on Fri, Mar 20, 2009
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The race to provide the best browser has taken a new turn when Microsoft released IE8 with the newest features and best security. Although the major browsers have been competing to provide a fast and full featured web browser, one among the chief issues that face is the security. This was one of the main concerns of Microsoft, while crafting Windows IE8.

According to Microsoft IE8:

• is about 50% faster than other browsers in page loading
• offers faster browsing with Accelerators
• allows websites designed for older browsers to be “fixed” by means of the Compatibility View button
• helps in getting up to date with news and other information with Web Slices
• helps in blocking about two to four times the amount of malware caught by rival browsers

Mike Nash , Microsoft Vice President for Windows, said that apart from the new security measures IE8 has a better overall performance, new accelerator along with New accelerator and Web Slice tools.

“It’s important not only to build a secure browser, but to help people make better decisions on the Web, which is what IE 8 attempts to do,” he added.

IE8 is available for free to download at

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