Certain endangered iPhone applications

Published on: Fri, Mar 20, 2009 , Updated on Fri, Mar 20, 2009
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Courtesy: www.pcworld.com - 19th March


The software updates in 3.0 iPhone, announced by Apple earlier this week, is ready to bring about 100 new features. But the free updates will make many of the paid applications (that are in high demand now) in App store obsolete. Voice recording and notes application may face a major blow, once the software update is launched.

According to experts, many of them may disappear, once Apple’s owned built-in apps replace them.

More than 50 applications have been hosted by Apple’s App store, which allows the user to user the iPhone as a dictaphone.  The cost of a majority of them ranges from $0.99 to $4.99, whereas a few of them are absolutely free. On the other hand the update will bring a built0in voice note application that helps users to record voice notes & share them via e-mail or MMS (upcoming feature).

The next one in danger would be notes apps. Presently, users can avail about 35 applications to take notes on iPhone or iPod Touch. This is feasible either by using a landscape keyboard or offering synchronizing options. Depending on the options chosen the price can go up to $9.99. The improved version of Notes app in 3.0 will allow users to compose notes with the help of a landscape keyboard, or by copying, cutting, and pasting from other apps and helps to sync those using iTunes.

Apart from the Dictaphone and notes apps a few more additional applications (around 10) offering similar functionalities are set to vanish, once MMS features are updated in 3.0 version. Contact card sharing apps are also believed to suffer the same fate as the 3.0 OS allowing users to share contacts (two-way) directly over SMS or e-mail.

This may not be happy news for certain iPhone app developers as they won’t be happy with losing the revenue stream from these soon-to-be-useless apps. But for the users, the 3.0 update will certainly bring a lot of benefits.

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