Xmarks - Firefox add-on for a better browsing experience

Published on: Mon, Apr 06, 2009
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Courtesy: www.pcworld.com - 6/4/2009


The latest iteration of the much admired Foxmarks add-in is Xmarks. This lets the users to synchronize the book marks and passwords across multiple computers that have Firefox, even those which run on different operating systems. But this set of add-ins do much more than Fox marks. It can be considered as a “super-set” of Foxmarks as it does all the functions of Foxmark and much more.

Here is a note for the starters - When the users do a web search in Firefox the search results will have an X-mark icon added to them. On clicking the icon you can see the following details.

• A popup with thumbnail of the site
• A brief description about it.
• The popularity of the site among the X mark users
• Site reviews
• Certain other relevant information

On clicking the Get Site info in the popup you will be directed to the webpage with more information about the site, and also includes similar pages and reviews.

***Please note that users can view only those sites which are bookmarked and reviewed by other book marks users. In due course more and more sites will have the icon and the associated information about the site, including similar sites and complete reviews.

When a site is bookmarked in Firefox users can view a suggested list of tags that explains how the other X-mark users have tagged the site.  This makes it easier for the users to search through the bookmarks as their sites will be tagged more comprehensively.

You can install this even-if you have Foxmarks installed, as it will upgrade over the existing version of Foxmarks, and will be also having your user name and password. It will go on to ‘sync and back up your bookmarks and passwords’, even with other PCs that use Foxmarks on Firefox.

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