Browser based bugs of Google Chrome corrected

Google Chrome
April 19 , 2010

Google has recently issued a course of improvement for the stable version of its browser Google Chrome. Apart from the correction of JavaScript slowness and issues in Java plug-in that Google Chrome faced in its previous version, it has also complet...

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Easy Bookmarking For Google Chrome

Google Chrome, bookmark sync
August 18 , 2009

Google recently launched ‘bookmark sync’, a new feature for users on the dev channel of Google Chrome. This new feature will help to keep the same list of bookmarks on all the computers that you use. You can also store them along with your Google Do...

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Here is a speedier Google Chrome

Google Chrome
May 29 , 2009

Google has added some of the most requested features in Google Chrome recently, making the web browser speedier and more user-friendly. An updated version of Chrome, along with the updates, was released by Google in March. Google has been continuing ...

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