Google acquires reCAPTCHA

CAPTCHA, google
September 19 , 2009

The latest news from the search engines giant Google is the acquiring of reCAPTCHA Inc. The company is famous for the invention of CAPTCHA, a well-known fraud preventing system used in websites and emails.For those who need a basic idea about CAPTCHA...

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Advancements in search engine techniques

Microsoft, search engine, google, Yahoo
May 20 , 2009

It can be undoubtedly said that Google dominates the search engine world. Yahoo can be seen next to it and Microsoft trails even far behind. According to the latest reports from comScore Inc the market shares of the three companies in April are as fo...

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Google confirms problems with reaching its services.

company news, internet, advertising and e-commerce, silicon valley, google
May 16 , 2009

Sources from Google have confirmed that there was disruption of access to some of its services on Thursday morning. The trouble was brought to notice after reports started coming in, that users had difficulty in accessing Google News, Gmail, Google ...

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Kumo Vs Google

Kumo, search engine, google
March 12 , 2009

Microsoft has announced that the testing of their new search engine is going on in their corporate network. If it’s found successful the search engine will be rolled in to or perhaps introduced as a new search engine. The compa...

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G-mail crashed!

google, cloud computing
February 26 , 2009

Leaving the users in the brim of anxiety, Google’s online e-mail service, Gmail, ran out of service, for several hours, on Tuesday morning. The error occurred for users worldwide. This is not the first time, but this episode was wide spread. British ...

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Google does it again!

web development, Google mobiles, google
February 16 , 2009

The search engine giant, Google has launched a new service, Google Sync, in the market. Google Sync allows the users to automatically update dates, calendar & other contact information directly to mobile phones. For the first time in the history,...

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Doodle 4 Contest – Make a colorful wish

doodle 4 contest, google
February 10 , 2009

Google has announced its second annual Doodle 4 contest in US. Google doodles are specially made logos that they usually use in their home page for holidays and other important events. Doodle 4 Google is a unique chance for children to have his/her a...

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