Hackers attack Facebook again

facebook, hackers, Boston
May 21 , 2009

200 Million Facebook users landed in trouble on 14th May when a few hackers launched an attack against the site, and managed to gather the passwords of many of the users. Barry Schbitt, Facebook spokesman said that the site started the cleaning proce...

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Ning heading towards a notable change

ning, chat functionality, traffic, facebook
March 02 , 2009

Ning, one of the famous social networking sites is planning to introduce a new chat functionality, thereby giving the Ning network administrators the ability to integrate a rich chat environment similar to the one one on Facebook. This Flash based n...

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Facebook turns five

facebook, facebook birthday, facebook founded, mark zuckerberg, media news
February 11 , 2009

Cochin - This is the victory of a student who started a website, to stay in touch with his friends. Facebook, one of the top rated social networking websites celebrated its fifth birthday last week, making billion dollar business throughout the world...

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