Mover – iPhone App to share contacts and images between iPhones

iPhone application, movers
June 06 , 2009

Many iPhones users have expressed the need for an application that helps to transfer contacts or images between two people. “Movers”, developed by Infinite Labs ( ) is the most appropriate solution for this, as it is hi...

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New Yorker iPhone cover raises the sale of Brush App

iPhone application, brushes
May 30 , 2009

The ecstasy of artist Jorge Colombo who drew the ‘dreamy, nocturnal cityscape’ of Manhattan on his iPhone, for the June 1 cover of The New Yorker, knew no bounds, when a software engineer Steve Sprang developed Brushes, the iPhone application that ch...

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NileGuide’s new iPhone application for tailor-made travel plans

iPhone application, NileGuide
May 25 , 2009

NileGuide (, the well-known travel planning site has launched a new iPhone app for its portal. This new application helps the users to create a customized trip itinerary through their iPhones. It also helps them to view the ...

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Dad I need an iPhone to do my homework

iPhone application, Iphone
March 28 , 2009

Nowadays you cannot find out even a single child without cell phones. The turn of iPhones is on the way, say experts. A report in NY times says that about one third of the students in a NJ public school have cell phones. As the citizens of the 21st c...

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Certain endangered iPhone applications

iPhone application
March 20 , 2009

The software updates in 3.0 iPhone, announced by Apple earlier this week, is ready to bring about 100 new features. But the free updates will make many of the paid applications (that are in high demand now) in App store obsolete. Voice recording and ...

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iPhone OS 3.0 is ‘jailbreakable’ says experts

iPhone application, jailbreakable
March 20 , 2009

Noted tech experts of the Dev-team Blog say that Iphone OS 3.0, released by Apple recently, is 'jailbreakable'. A short notice appeared in their blog, just hours after the release of OS, stating that ‘jailbroken iPhones will not be left out of the 3....

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