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Comparison for PHP frameworks







Language PHP PHP PHP 5 PHP 5 (>=5.2.4) PHP 5 (>=5.1.0)
Ajax Prototype/,jQuery/ jQuery UI,MooTools/ MooTools more framework extension Prototype,, Unobtrusive Ajax with UJS and PJS plugins Toolkit-independent jQuery, jQuery UI, own components, plugins
MVCframework Yes Modified active record pattern Yes Yes Yes
MVC Push/Pull Push Push Push Push &Pull Push &Pull
i18n & l10n? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ORM Active record pattern (CakePHP 1.x), Data Mapper Pattern (CakePHP 2.x) framework extension Propel, Doctrine Table and Row data gateway Data Access Objects (DAO),Active Record Pattern, Plugins (incl. Doctrine 2.0)

Testing framework(s)

Unit Tests, Object Mocking, Fixtures, Code Coverage, Memory Analysis withSimpleTest and XDebug Unit Tests Yes Unit Tests PHPUnit, Selenium
DB migration framework(s) Yes No Plugin exists (alpha code, though) Yes Yes
Security Framework(s) ACL-based Yes Pluin ACL-based ACL-based, RBAC-based, plugins
Template Framework(s) Themes, Layouts, Views and Elements Yes Yes Yes PHP-based, PRADO-like, plugins
Caching Framework(s) Memcache,Xcache, APC, File Yes Yes Yes APC, Database, eAccelerator, File, Memcache, Redis, WinCache, XCache, Zend Platform
Form Validation Framework(s) Validation and Security Yes Yes Yes Yes