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Drupal Modules used to create Social
Netwoking Solutions

Listed below are the Drupal modules used by DevelopmentGuruji to create your Social Networking Platform.

Family: Record, display, and analyze genealogical data.

Flag a Friend: Flag a Friend utilizes the Flag module's API in order to provide a lightweight buddy system.

Friend: The objective of this module is to mimic the Facebook friend features.

FriendList: Friendlist is the foundation needed to build a social network-oriented website with Drupal 6. At the very basic level, it provides the ability to create custom relationships between users. It's a feature-rich suite of modules that features integration plugins with a list of major Drupal modules.

Front: Shows group membership and events.

Invite: Sends invitations to join your site.

Private Messaging: Private messaging allows your site visitors to send private messages to each other. This is perfect for community oriented websites, such as forums and social networking sites.

Log in Toboggan: The Login Toboggan module offers several modifications of the Drupal login system.

Voting API: VotingAPI helps developers who want to use a standardized API and schema for storing, retrieving, and tabulating votes for Drupal content.

Profile Setup: Custom profile setup workflows can be setup using this module.

Activity: The Activity module keeps track of the things people do on your site and provides mini-feeds of these activities in blocks, in a specialized table via RSS.

Advanced Profile Kit: Advanced Profile Kit provides building blocks for putting together fancy user profile pages like those commonly found on social networking sites.

Application Toolbar (Appbar): This module provides a toolbar at the bottom of the window, like Facebook's Application Bar, which shows links (from a menu) on the left and AJAX-driven notifications (from system messages and/or other modules) on the right.

Author Pane: Author Pane is a block of information about a given user, like those typically found on a forum post; but can be used in other places and modules.

CiviCRM: Manage community contacts, relationships, and activities

CiviNode and CiviNode CCK: Tools for integrating civicrm contacts into drupal content

Comment Notify: Comment Notify is a lightweight tool to send notification e-mails to visitors about new comments on pages where they have commented.

Drupal for Facebook (fb): This set of modules and themes turns Drupal into a platform for developing Facebook Applications. With Drupal for Facebook, you can harness all the power of Drupal in you Facebook App. If you already have content in Drupal, you can expose it on Facebook.

Facebook-style Statuses: This versatile module can imitate Twitter or Facebook's "wall" feature: each user gets a "status" or microblog where they can express how they feel or what they're doing to the community.

Notice Feed: This module works in conjunction with the Friend module to display News feeds and mini feeds from friend.

Radioactivity: This module provides hotness metrics for nodes and comments by radioactivity model. In essence, nodes or comments receiving attention are heated while inactive ones slowly cool down.

Tell A Friend Node: This module provides a Tell A Friend node type for creating multiple “tell a friend” pages on a site.

User Relationships: Allows users to create named relationships between each other. It is the basic building block for a social networking site, or any site where users are aware of one another, and communicate.

User Tag: The User Tag module allows users to apply tags to their user profile. If the tag exists as a taxonomy term then a link showing users with that tag is available. This allows users to find other users with common interests and create social networks within the community site.

Guestbook: This module provides a site guestbook and individual user guestbooks.

Organic Groups: Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'.

Acid Free Albums: A full-featured media management system for drupal. This makes it easy to manage your photos and videos with drupal. Acid free albums and media items are drupal nodes that integrate into your system. It offers themeable drawing routines for albums and each media type, so it can fit in better with the rest of your website.

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Social Networking Solutions Using Drupal

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