intellixmedia.com,CA, USA

We are very pleased with ISPG's level of commitment, dedication, and turnaround times on our projects. Their development team is very keen on change requests and communication. They have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver quality solutions. We highly recommend ISPG."

James Mudgett

Developmentguruji.com works diligently to deliver our projects on time. Their programming is very organized and modular, so it’s easy for our team to understand. They understand my requirements as well as come up with great UI solutions where details have not been completely specified. I look forward to continued success between us.

Nieya Anjomi
Flexible Sports LLC,CA

Thanks to the ISPG engeering and design team, we have taken our websites to a whole new level. They are committed to keeping you happy.

Sam Patel
Photo Scan Club Inc

Working with ISPG Team was great because I had daily reports to know the progress of my project, clear communication, and realized they wanted me to completely satisfy with their work. The added bonus was the price.

Ryan Gravatt
Quick Silver Inc

ISPG is by far the best company I have used to handle my Web site and software development needs. They are responsive, professional and attentive.

Robert Dayton & Luey Dayton
LoyalDog Software,Seattle, USA

My wife and I have a small software company with close to 100 clients and have been dealing with KG Sajith at ISPG for a while now and have involved him in multiple projects from simple static websites to complex linux/php/mysql data driven web applications and even .NET applications and web services. I am impressed with the professionalism, quality of work and speedy turnaround time that we are given. The broad diverse talents of their programmers have really helped us expand our business and offer a wider array of services to our clients. We are also impressed with their honesty and integrity. Initially it took some courage for us to consider outsourcing programming rather than doing it all in-house and I was pleased with the prices in the beginning, but now that we have been doing business I find that I am much more impressed with the work product and talent they have on their staff. Their designs are original and creative and have an artistic flair that is hard to find at any price. This greatly pleases my wife because she handles the creative and design end of things and works with KG extensively for designs and logos. We highly recommend KG Sajith and ISPG for any programming/IT project.

Marty Daley's
MartyDaleyGraphicDesign, NSW, Australia

Hello - my name is Marty Daley and I was referred by a friend to use the services of DEVELOPMENT GURUJI for my new website (www.martydaley.com.au). So I went online and submitted a request and within minutes I had a phone call from a sales member to listen to my enquiry. Not only were they fast, they went out of their way to answer all my questions and concerns at every stage of the job. I accepted the quote (amazing prices that I don't think many people/companies could beat) and the job started straight away. Communication was PERFECT every step of the way. I was given an e-mail at the beginning with all the contact details for everyone involved in the job. What impressed me the most (apart from producing a great working site) is that they perfectly corrected any errors or changes which I gave to them. Nothing was ever too hard for them to do. It was if they were partnering with me to produce the best possible result. The turnaround time was blisteringly fast! I gave them a very tight deadline and they came to party and delivered under a lot of pressure (sorry guys for doing that to you).  I felt from start to finish DEVELOPMENT GURIJI went beyond my expectations, listened to my every direction and delivered a perfectly running website. I can only sing their praises and will be referring their services to anyone who needs an excellent website developed. I will be coming back for future jobs.

David Busbridge
Tap Creative,UK

I placed a Flash project with developmentguruji.com and was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from their UK based Agent who managed everything perfectly, on time and on budget. I would recommend their services to friends and colleagues.

Jimmy George
President, Ayur Imports

I sincerely want to thank you for creating a world-class website for Ayur Imports. It was actually a smooth venture between your IT and my IT teams.  This whole project underwent a flawless intervention. I want to take this privilege to say that your team was extremely supportive and understanding throughout this whole project.  All your business dealings were highly professional and friendly. In the past, I had hired different companies to do similar projects but the experience I had from your team was much more superior to the others. The knowledge and referral your team has is noticeable and deserves praise.

I would highly recommend your company to any client with serious projects. And please be free to use me as your reference.  Our business is growing and I am looking forward to use in our future projects. Again, thank you for an outstanding completion of the project.

Yamin Ismail
Managing Director - CyberWebSpider Ltd

ISPG Technologies have been solid with communication and collaborating with us all the way in getting our web development project as per our specifications and requirements. It has been a pleasure using their expertise and found them to be reliable, competent and extremely professional. They provided all the required information in a timely manner. We would say that the team at ISPG Technologies are very capable and dynamic in their skills would definitely recommend them and we look forward to using them again for are forth coming project(s).

Martin Hunter

This is the smoothest I.T. project I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with in my life. Dainy and Anoop and all the other team members (who were a pleasure to deal with) created a rich web application that looked stunning and performed perfectly. They even designed a logo, the entire graphics for the site, integration with Pay pal and Google Maps. The code was well written and easily understandable. The entire process was smooth as I was regularly updated with the latest database and graphic designs and an in-development website which I could check upon at my convenience. They exceeded my expectations and paid great attention to detail making the web application as easy to use as possible. I would absolutely not hesitate in recommending ISPG Technologies who performed a perfect job. Greatest thanks.

Shawn Souto
SSI Design

I develop web applications for small business' and without a good designer to utilize, each project became very cumbersome.  Many of the graphic designers I've worked with in the past have been (1) too expensive, (2) too unprofessional, (3) unable to meet deadlines, (4) too unrealistic with their designs and/or (5) print media centered.  Then after my last failed attempt on a large project I stumbled upon Development Guruji accidentally and I decided to give them a try.  Their prices were great, and their designs... the BEST I've seen yet.  And what's more, their customer service is beyond exceptional.

I hope you guys the best, Thanks again!

Gusha Visual Media

The website is excellent. I am grateful for the extra mile you guys went  to deliver not just an ordinary site but a fantastic functional piece of art. I will be sending all my company’s website development to ISPG from now on. 

Ryan Stomel
Bundle Buy

ISPG Technologies is a group of amazing coders and designers and developers. They are some of the few coders that understand the system and are willing to work hard to make you happy. They do not mess up the job and do not need much guidance when it comes to designing and developing. I cannot say enough of how good they are at communication and how efficient they get things done!!

I've been on RAC for a long time and they are by far, the best coders I've ever dealt with. Great job guys!

Len Printz
SLC Rental

ISPG has been great with my shopping cart customization. We really overhauled an open-source cart to add new functionality and the development went very smooth with very few bugs...they nailed the functionality right away even though I provided very crude specs. They will definitely be considered for all my future custom programming.

Joe Brown
Webflow Designs,Australia

ISPG are a fantastic team of developers and can be compared to any development company around the world. They have done many projects for me and the quality of work is outstanding. I would  recommend them to anyone

Ari Rocha
Connection Brazil Student Services,Sydney, Australia

There are thousands of IT services companies and web design/developer around the world, but just few of them can deliver, and fewer that can really deliver what you have asked for.
ISPG is an unique web design and development specialist that goes beyond your expectations, and deliver.
I am an IT person for a long time, I know quite well what an IT project is all about,  and maybe a customer that most IT services companies would not like to have. ISPG did not get in trouble with me, these guys are awesome.

Ms.Blanche Martin
Dhoom Box concept Pvt. Ltd,India

I am very satisfied with the service provided by ISPG. The reactivity , flexibility and understanding of the team towards our requirement . Patience as I imagine client  change their mind often and don’t  always know what they actually want. So congrats to cope with this with us as we are also a starting business. Would have liked more advice and anticipation from your side as this is my first ecommerce website and did not always realize what need to be done and thought before.

Ofaabee founder

My project just completed now is actually come to my mind as dream 10 months before with no colour and idea how to achieve it. I started to develop a skeletal frame work and logic. On fine morning I contacted you with lot of doubt on my mind “ will they can visualize my dream, is it cost effective, is it possible etc etc” . But to my surprise ISPG come up with wonderful solution colour my dream and fix wings to fly.  I decided to go for it even though it is very difficult for me met its development cost, but my dream is more powerful and motivation from ISPG team helped me achieve my dream and to my surprise my site is online now...

Best wishes to ISPG and its team... Hoping to work further in future.

Darren Meffert
IT Warehouse,Australia

I found the ISPG Team easy to talk to and great with their design and implantation of the complex back end I required.  The site went live right on schedule and works.  I’ve found the site easy for users to navigate and staff to maintain. I will definitely be using them again for my other businesses.

Thanks guys

Daniel Schulz
S&S Media,Germany

Good Contact. Skilled and friendly. We loved to work with Brahma and the ISPG Team.

Bijoy Philipose

We were searching for a right company to revamp our website. ISPG has matched up to our expectations and the deliverables were in time. Now we are getting into the phase 2 and we know, we are confident, that things will only get better. It has been a great pleasure to work with ISPG. We found ISPG to be very responsive to our queries after project signoff…


We've been very pleased with the final result of all our projects so far. Although timelines tend to be passed in the end, the quality of work is excellent. We have particularly enjoyed working with Palani and previously Abd al-Rahman who both dedicated their time and effort to ensure all our requirements were met.

They also work on small edits which were additional to those which we had initially set out for which we were extremely grateful.

We hope we can continue to work with you for many more years to come.