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Web Application Development

We have acquired vast expertise in Web Application Development. We can create a wide range of custom made web applications by working with various open sources applications as well with proprietary software and technologies, to create rich and enhanced custom web applications.

We have a large in-house development team, and offer the various Web Application Development listed below.

  • Business Applications
    • CRM Applications
    • Custom made modules for existing CRM systems (e.g. Sugar CRM)
    • HRM Applications
    • Custom made modules for existing HRM (e.g. Orange HRM)
    • Supply Chain Management Systems
    • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Enterprise Portals
    • Enterprise Intranet
    • Employee Portal
    • Social Networking Portal
    • Content Management System
  • Rich Internet Applications
    • Productivity Tools
      • Word Processing
      • Online Spreadsheet
      • Image Editing Software
    • Mobile Apps
      • iPhone Applications
      • Android Applications
      • Windows Mobile Applicationse
    • Online Games
    • Web Product Customization

In addition we have expertise with AJAX Frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, extjs, YUI 3, etc), Adobe Flex & AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaFX and Open Laszlo.

In addition to the items listed above, we can create a tailor made solution to meet your exact requirements.

Please ask for a free consultation to identify your web application requirements, or fill the RFP form on the right of the page. One of our experts will contact you with in one business day.

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Web Application Development

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